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Made in high resistance polyethylene that guarantees a long life and impedes water filtration into the subsoil. Thus avoiding waste of the vital liquid. Substitutes masonry cisterns. Available in 1100 and 2500 liter capacities.

Uses and advantages
  • Made with high density polyethylene to guarantee a long life and impede water filtration into the subsoil to avoid waste.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Interior color is clear and smooth to see water quality.
  • Screw on lid keeps contaminants from entering.
  • Modern and resistant design makes it one of the best in the market.
  • Significant savings in labor costs compared to traditional masonry cisterns.
  • 5 year warranty against factory and material defects.
  • Has a one-piece hermetic float to prevent water from overflowing. 

Technical Information
Technical Data Sheet by Capacity Characteristics Standards
1,100 lts Diameter: 120 cm (47 in)
Height: 130 cm (51 in)
2,500 lts

Diameter: 150 cm (59.06 in)
Height: 172 cm (67.72 in)

5,000 lts

Diameter: 232 cm (91.34 in)
Height: 155 cm (61.02 in)

10,000 lts

Diameter: 232 cm (91.34 in)
Height: 272 cm (107.09 in)


  • In areas where the earth is loose or muddy, it is important to avoid landslides or collapses onto the cistern.
  • Since the AQUAPLAS cistern is a polyethylene tank, do not install in areas where of expansive clay.
  • Keep the cistern closed so that it does not receive direct sunlight and does not form algae or bacterial growth.  Also, keep cistern closed to avoid any accidents.
  • Meets Mexican Standard NMX-C-374-ONNCCE-2000
  • Clean the cistern every three months.


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